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"Claudia Lopez releases gorgeous debut album as a reflection of grief ".  

-Starlight PR

MIAMI, FL - Claudia Lopez is a Cuban-American artist who has been in love with music since day one. With a soulful sound that draws from a variety of artistic influences, she is able to create magic. Her most recent release is her debut album created to tell the loved one she’s lost all about the time they have spent apart. This album digs deep into the mind and heart of its creator to show something that is simply untouchable. “Running Out of Time” is truly a gorgeous album with an amazing story and message.


After the passing of her cousin Jennifer Cordero, who she often refers to as her sister, she suddenly became a pillar for her family, having to pick up the pieces of a heartbroken family. This never gave her the chance to grieve the loss of someone so close to her, it was not until the forced pause that COVID-19 brought on did she really have the chance to sit down and explore her emotions, which were later turned into songs and finally a full album. “I found myself in the midst of a global pandemic, just wishing that I could fill her in on this crazy life right now. Then it clicked for me. This is how I was going to tell her what was going on, and include how much I needed her and what a hole I had, because she was gone.” This was a beautiful and inspiring way for Lopez to share not only her story but her love for someone so important to her. 

“Running Out of Time” is truly an album to show the importance of time and using it to your every advantage. “Right after she passed, the very first song that I wrote was “Next Life,” because I just feel like we didn't have that conversation. We never thought that we needed to have that conversation where I was like, ‘If there is an afterlife, I need you to choose me again, as your sister.  I need us to be us again’. We never had that talk because we were so young, but, I suddenly felt like we didn't make this clear, and if I had just one more day with her, I would have told her ‘Please choose me in your next life, because I'm going to choose you’. Not only does the album discuss the importance of using your time well, it shares the growth that Lopez has seen in the four years since losing her loved one. 

It is obvious that Lopez’s entire heart went into creating this album. From the writing to the performance and production, she has put her love and care into creating every bit of this album, and you can hear it in every track. This album is something that you experience your own grief through, no matter what that may be. It is simply an amazing project. 

Leading up to the release of the album, Lopez plans to drop a few singles to help get people excited about the hard work and dedication that she has put into this project. Be sure to keep an eye out for these releases and be ready for the release of “Running Out of Time” in August 2021.


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